Spiralling Thoughts on the Prairie Highway




one day

in the car

on CBC 2

Ben Hepner say some composers

modelled their compositions on Fibonacci’s Series,

like Claude Debussey for example, which made me wonder if any famous poets

had ever spiraled an idea in Fibonacci’s form, like a nautilus beginning with a single circle and expanding it

outward, to set a new record, to infinity; but like the nautilus, ambition was washed away by rough waters, rocky shores, the seas of time—or the realization that striving for size is a shell of a game.


In mathematics, the Fibonacci sequence starts with the number 1, then 1 again and then every subsequent is the sum of the two preceding numbers. The Fibonacci sequence, which forms the basis for this poem’s structure is:  1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55.. 

(Photo: http://www.naturphilosophie.co.uk/fibonaccis-golden-spiral-relationship-maths-nature/)

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