Argentina Chile Border map
Unresolved border south of Mt. Fitz Roy

Upright. Straight.
The walls of our long, narrow, country
tunnel north to south
whitened by Pacific waves
and the Snowy Andes—
the wall we share with you,
our neighbour.
Your chest curves,
colours bursting from your graffitied walls,
toes, hot from dancing,
tango in seas Magellan sailed,
your smile endless.
Will paint run between
you and I?


Despite limits settled by a treaty in 1881, there is a long-standing border dispute between Chile and Argentina in the Southern Patagonia Ice Fields between Mt. Fitz Roy and Mt. Torre that has yet to be mapped.

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    1. It makes you think: does geography influence destiny? Someone I was reading compared Santiago to Toronto. And while there are similarities between Chile and Argentina, I don’t think anyone would liken Buenos Aires to Toronto.

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