Happy 152nd Birthday Canada


From sea to sea, a visual collage of beauty shots taken on our travels in Canada last year between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

North of Ordinary. Larger than Life. Land of Living Skies. Tall, True & Tangled. Imagine that. Come From Away. Super Natural. Spirited Energy. Wild Rose Country. Land of the Midnight Sun. Shed Party. Not just Colder, Cooler. Yours to Discover.

What a home eh?

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  1. That would be nasty to cause some tectonic problems with your mapping. Do you have a list of the main areas you have visited by country? That will let me know the scale of the “problem.” Sea level rise (especially with storm surges) is already causing problems, so we don’t want to accelerate that!

  2. A cross-Canada selection of views is a great idea, very smart! Add more next year, and perhaps put them in west to east and north to south order for us geographers? And M could put their locations on his map too…a winter project, I know. Just some ideas to entertain.

    1. Or we could have a contest to see who could arrange the photos east-west north-south in the fastest time and you could offer a prize!

      1. Or, I could get a prize from you for all these geographic ideas, haha!
        Another map could include all the places you’ve visited in the world.

        1. We did include a map of the locations of each of our first 100 posts. The map was very crowded. I’m concerned if we added the location of the next 100 posts that the weight would be so high it would cause subsidence along the continental margins. The apparent sea level rise would wipe out whole communities and then I’d really regret it!

  3. Yes, so glad that Grandpa settled here! And thanks for the great photos, and Happy meeting anniversary to you two young lovebirds! Keep on travelling, and sharing! Happy Canada Day indeed, eh…

  4. Great collection of photos and phrases.. Never heard “Tall, true and tangled” before..or “Not just colder, cooler”; thank you…

    Congratulations on 200 blogs too…

  5. A true collage of Canada and what it holds for us all, perfect.

    “Happy Canada Day to Everyone”

  6. How are you guys doing up there in the tundra this Canada Day? Look forward to your next instalment!

  7. Coast to coast to coast in one 12 month period!! Great pictures of places most of us will never take the time and effort to explore. Thank you for sharing these experiences with us.

    1. Actually Pacific Ocean on two occasions (Tofino and Haida Gwaii), Atlantic Ocean twice (Newfoundland and Nova Scotia) and the Arctic Ocean just once (Tuktoyaktuk). Canada’s coasts are very special places to visit.
      Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk

  8. We do live in a beautiful country; but, beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. You two see things that most of us walk by, left unnoticed.Thank you for your many, very interesting blogs.

    1. We thought about accompanying the photos with music. But what piece? Blue Rodeo’s “Side of the Road?” Pagini’s music for guitar which “Oh Canada” is a riff on?

  9. How lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country. Thank for sharing your excellent photos. Happy Canada Day!

    1. A friend told me that a world-traveller friend of hers says “After Norway, Canada is the second most beautiful country in the world.” Will we agree with him at the end of September?

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