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Trevor and Richelle, October 14, 2015
Trevor and Richelle October 15, 2015 Pyramid Island, Jasper

Trevor and Richelle, October 15, 2015, Pyramid Island, Jasper

Fall Wedding
By Spice

It is bright autumn now.
The trees still lightly tinged with gold.
I hear your vow.
The words are ours.
I have found you in the mountains again.
Is there another word for “sublime”?
I need a love that will keep Jasper sky in my mind.
Wedded this October day, my parents.
Wedded this same day, my grandma.
Number fourteen on the necklace of days.
Lightly windblown
Ever greens
Your hiking shoes stand in the closet
Beside mine.


Patterned after “Fall Song,” a poem by Joy Harjo

Pyramid Island, Jasper, Alberta Canada

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    1. Glad it struck a chord. Having defaulted to Banff all these years, we were awestruck at the beauty of Jasper—more holidaying for Magellan and I there, we hope.

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